Expedition Camps

Traditional camps that focus on canoe tripping and portaging through provincial parks.

Traditional Camps

Forest, Cabins, Lakes, Canoes, Campfires, Songs and loads of fun entretainment.

Speciality Camps

Traditional Camps that have a specilized focus on one main sport or activity, such as: Soccer, Horseback Ridding, Dance, Science, etc.

Language Camps

These are normally Urban camps, meaning they are not based in the wilderness but rather within the city. During the morning they run language courses and the rest of the day they perform summer camp style activities. During the weekends they organize excursions and city tours.

Religious Camps

There are regular traditional summer camps that were founded and are run by diverse religion-oriented organizations. They conduct normal camp activities and normally they incorporate few hours per week dedicated to gospel, bible studies or other activities of the same sort.

Special Needs Camps

These camps attend children & youth with many different kinds of discapacities or in a vulnerable situation. Whether it is foster home kids, children with cancer, autistic kids, hadicapped, etc.