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One for all and all for one! Powerful networks for the protection of human rights.

The members of the Equal Treatment Network (ETN) work together for the equal rights and opportunities of their target groups, but currently lack a common strategy. There is a need for deeper coherence between members, so all members understand each other's issues and the importance of intersectionality and solidarity.


1. Strategic Seminars of the Equal Treatment Network: During the network's strategic seminar, common goals, and messages are formulated. In the follow-up seminar, we assess the impact of project activities together and map out further actions in the field of advocacy. The shared discussion, evaluation of impact, and results contribute to ETN valuing both collective achievements and the individual contributions of each member.

2. Baltic Pride Conference: In collaboration with ETN members, we will organize a conference as a part of the Baltic Pride program, focusing on common members' topics and target groups, the importance of solidarity, and shared community goals.

3. Network Brainstorming Sessions: We organize brainstorming sessions where members of the Estonian LGBT Association's network, VKV members, and their target groups can get to know each other and exchange experiences.



This project is funded by the Active Citizens Fund.

The ACF operator in Estonia is

the Open Estonia Foundation in cooperation with

the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations.


Working together for a green, competitive

and inclusive Europe!

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