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Image by Gaelle Marcel

The power of words:
effective messages
for human rights

What do the people of Estonia believe about LGBT+ people?

Why is it so difficult to get others to understand

that LGBT+ people want a safe and happy life in Estonia?

Why is it so easy to scare people with LGBT+ issues

and to use them as political tools?

We will study the beliefs in our society

and create messages that discredit lies and unite our people.

Main project page in Estonian

Image by Leon


We will research the beliefs in Estonia about LGBT+ topics and people to understand how our messages are being received.

Image by Adomas Aleno


We will publish the results of the study and add a set of practical recommendations for effective communication on LGBT+ topics in Estonia.

High Fives


We will share the results of the study and the toolkit with our partners and train activists so we can create the change together.

Project partner


This project is funded by the Active Citizens Fund.

The ACF operator in Estonia is

the Open Estonia Foundation in cooperation with

the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations..

Working together for a green, competitive

and inclusive Europe!

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