Teenage Students Raising Hands

Safe schools
for LGBT+ students

According to our first school climate survey conducted in 2018,

many LGBT+ students feel unsafe at school because they experience hostility,

because LGBT+ topics are not discussed in class or are discussed negatively,

and because fellow students and school staff do not draw attention to these issues.


The aim of this project is to create a safe and inclusive school environment

for the LGBT+ youth in Estonia. In order to achieve this, we will be working with

young people as well as specialists, institutions, and organizations in the field

of education, and communicating with the general public.

Main project page in Estonian.

Image by Brands&People


We will create new and unique study materials for school students.

Q&A Seminar


We will train teachers and other specialists in the field of education on LGBT+ topics and inform LGBT+ youth of their rights and opportunities.



We will organize a first of its kind national campaign about the experiences of LGBT+ students in schools.



This project is funded by the Active Citizens Fund.

The ACF operator in Estonia is

the Open Estonia Foundation in cooperation with

the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations..

Working together for a green, competitive

and inclusive Europe!

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